TTTT – Take Time To Talk

Take Time To TalkA Buddhist scripture states that “the voice does the Buddha’s work.” The voice has the power to convey one’s compassion for another.

No matter how much you care, the sentiment alone will not communicate itself. When your thoughts and feelings are conveyed in words, your voice will have the immense power to move another person’s heart.

Talking things through, in a compassionate and understanding manner, can solve any situation if both parties reciprocate. Of course, a one sided conversation cannot solve anything, but when people open their hearts to one another, we have the power to move mountains.

If there is a situation in your life, something that has perhaps been present for longer than is healthy or constructive for all those concerned, take time to sit and talk. In a state of calm mindfulness, with the willingness to listen to, and understand the point of view of the others concerned, resolution may be reached sooner than any of you dreamed possible.

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