Green Fingers

Therapeutic GardeningWhilst I love living where I do, the sea on my doorstep, the beautiful countryside all around, there is one thing I miss, and that is my own garden.

It has to be said, that there were times in the past, when weeding or mowing the lawn was a bit of a chore. But after many years, the opportunity to get stuck in and help in the garden today was a bit of a treat.

It was fun working together, the whole job was sorted within a couple of hours, and the sight of a nicely mown lawn is always a nice reward for your efforts.

It helped that the garden in question was pretty small, the grass dry and not too long, and that the flower beds simply needed a good weeding. Non the less, the whole process was rather therapeutic, and working in the cool of the evening made a nice contrast to what had been a really hot and sunny day.

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