On Happiness

HappinessHappiness as we all know, if we take the time to consider, is connected to everything, and connected to nothing. It cannot be bought or sold and it cannot be measured against any physical scale. It is determined by a combination of our circumstances and the way in which we are controlled by, or are controlling, those circumstances.

To be concerned only with one’s own happiness is egoism. To claim you care only about the happiness of others is hypocrisy. Genuine happiness is becoming happy together with others. Josei Toda said: “Just becoming happy oneself – there’s nothing difficult to that. It’s easy. Helping others become happy is the foundation of our faith.”

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  1. Nena
    Oct 12, 2015 @ 04:59:48

    What a pleasure to read this on happiness.
    Sometimes I think that happiness encompasses everything. Family, friends work fulfillment health etc. What’s your opinion?
    If you think about it when all our prayers are answered when we see them manifesting when we see the signs…what’s happens to us? We become happy


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