Gone, But Not Forgiven

Wolfie SmithThe news, this morning, that Maria Miller had finally taken the hint and resigned from her position as Culture Secretary was good news indeed.

In keeping with many other public servants who have abused their positions of privilege, she incurred the wrath of the public and media alike for her insincere apology in regard of the scandal surrounding her MP’s expenses.

She has resigned, but did she jump, or was she pushed? Even David Cameron, who prides himself on supporting his colleagues, could not have been comfortable with her actions, or lack thereof.

Amongst a stream of bleating excuses, she has finally gone because, as she said, the controversy “has become a distraction from the vital work this government is doing”. Never mind the controversy, you stole over £45,000 from the people of this country Miller.

So she has gone, albeit until her Parliamentary cronies feel the smoke has cleared and they can reintroduce her to their elite little club. Isn’t it about time the whole picture surrounding MPs was flipped on its head? They are supposed to be representing us, the electorate, in the mother of Parliament, not making as much money out of the role as they possibly can. Gone but not forgiven.

The MPs expenses scandal has really changed nothing. There must be an independent body to oversee all monies given to MPs, and one comprising a representative cross section of the UK society, not a bunch of toffee nosed knobs.

As Citizen Wolfie Smith, of the Tooting Popular Front used to say … “Power to the People”

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