The Wonderful World Of Weird

Wonderful World Of WeirdThere was an amusing end to a dinner party last night, where I was told by one of the other guests, that I was the weirdest person they had ever met. She did soften the message by saying I was lovely, but she reiterated the fact that I was well weird.

She had earlier been giving me the benefit of her advice regarding relationships, albeit through her rather alcoholic induced sense of self confidence. I think some of the others were amused by the whole thing, and I was happy to let her continue to tell me I was too thin, given her inebriated state.

The evening ended pleasantly, with the usual cordial goodbyes, but on the way home I got to thinking about just how weird I really am.

Given that I turned up with my own food, my own drink and on my own, that set me apart from most of the others. I was the only Buddhist, the only vegan, the only one drinking fruit juice and water and one of only two who didn’t smoke, but does that make me weird?

Now eating meat, cheese or puddings that are full of fat, drinking wine, beer or spirits and smoking doesn’t make anyone a bad person, but is it really that wise, considering all the evidence of the harm to which they all contribute?

The changes I had made to my own life have resulted in me being as calm, as fit and healthy, as trim and as happy as I have ever been. I am well aware that that makes me different to many others, but if that’s how it must be, I am really pleased that I am weird.

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  1. safwan
    Jan 20, 2014 @ 11:51:55

    Hi Anupadin. I truly enjoyed the ‘Wierd’ – a highly skilful reflection of that evening. I’d say that the greatest description would have shifted from ‘wierd’ to ‘unique’, and being ‘rare’ in various aspects.
    I’m 67 and I used to smoke, not now, but still enjoy a glass of good red. I offer the Gohonzon also a glass, and in general I am truly happy with all my life. But as for the issue of ‘perception’ of Buddhism, well many people in society have a sterotype life-model of Buddhist, too strict to accept. It is the image of monks, Hinayana monastery with 200 commandmens (some utterly unreasonable). And many people are surprised by Nichiren Buddhism’s “Earthly desires are Enlightenment”. I remember my boss speaking about wine at a dinner suddenly reminded herself that I am Buddhist, so she said, you probably don’t drink or “in moderation” – I replied: “Only sometimes in moderation” an answer which created a good atmosphere.

    I mean: each person has own inner world of various likes and dislikes, what suites or aspires and what less does – based on diverse life experiences. The wonderous thing is what I observed in SGI meetings of a power to make all distinctions somehow transparent (neither completely nonexisting nor bothering us personally), and this in regard to various differences. It is the amount of life-force that counts. Your abilities to tackle problems and see through people’s sufferings in the 10 Worlds – that is what really count. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.
    BTW please update (refresh) my website which is on your blog, and your blog is also on my website:


    • Anupadin
      Jan 20, 2014 @ 16:26:08

      Hi Safwan, another word for weird or unique is ‘special’ and that’s a label I’ve worn on a few occasions too. ‘Everything in moderation’ is a phrase I hear all the time. ‘Why cut out meat, fish and dairy, when you could have it in moderation?’. Well my dear friends, because you can slaughter an animal ‘in moderation’ and poisoning myself ‘in moderation’ doesn’t seem too bright either, so no (or as few as possible) toxins into my body, if I can help it.

      As I said in the post, eating and drinking foodstuffs that are bad for you, doesn’t make you a bad person, but it will make you a sick one given enough time. Only I have to live by my rules, but it saddens me when others stroll blindly down the path to illness, suffering and painful death. All I can do is spread the message, whether others take heed is in their own hands.
      Namaste ~ Anupadin

      PS Your link has been updated 🙂


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