The Hidden Gems Of Buddhist Teachings

The Hidden Gems Of Buddhist TeachingsOne of the greatest joys in writing my blog is passing on the good news of Buddhism, this is a parable about the rich man, the poor man and the hidden gem …

A poor man visits a rich friend, gets drunk, and passes out.

The rich man, who has to leave on business, gives his poor man a priceless gem, which he secretly sews into the lining of his friend’s clothes.

When the poor man comes to, he resumes his life as a vagrant, unaware of the treasure he received during his blackout.

Later, he meets the rich man again, who shows him where the gem is concealed, and the poor man realizes his wealth.

Passing on the ideas and ideals behind Buddhist teachings can be likened to sewing a hidden gem into the lining of a friends clothes. Discovering the gem, even years later, can transform a poor life into one of untold enlightened riches.

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  1. mawil1
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 05:34:25

    I don’t understand the parable. When the rich man gave the jewel, it was of no benefit to him because he didn’t know it was there. If he had placed it in the mans hand, or even given him a clue that he should look for it, then the man could have used the gem. But as it was, it was no use until he met the man later and then he told him about the gem. The rich man could have kept it and just given it to him at the second meeting, what was the point of sewing it into his clothes? He might have lost it.


    • Anupadin
      Dec 21, 2013 @ 20:51:59

      I think it is meant to show us that there are gems right under our noses. I see your point, but we are all tempted to look outside ourselves for solutions, when in most cases, the answer or gem, is within us. Like most parables, I don’t think it is meant to to be taken too literally. Namaste ~ Anupadin.


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