The Cinderella Disease

Sir Terry PratchettIn a high profile G8 summit this week, the leaders are pledging to increase funding for research into dementia in order to ‘develop a cure or treatment by 2025’. With the ever growing current figure of 44 million dementia sufferers set to reach 135 million world wide by 2050, it is a situation which will only become a greater problem for governments.

Sir Terry Pratchett, in a recent interview described Alzheimer’s as The Cinderella Disease. ‘It’s is because it isn’t sexy’ said Pratchett, ‘they’re old people, they’re going to die anyway’. He also said that there was no clear pathway to help and advice.

Whilst I applaud the G8 leaders for finally giving dementia the recognition it deserves, far more help needs to be given to those affected and further education as to the causes of the various diseases that comprise the illness. I know I keep harping on about animal fats and proteins, and how or diets are responsible for many of the ‘western’ diseases, but links to Alzheimer’s are quite clear from research.

My concern is that the pharmaceutical companies and the research institutions rely of these illnesses for their funding and profits. If society were to suddenly to be made aware of the precautions that can be taken, not only would our meat and dairy industries collapse, but huge losses and closures would also ensure in the pharmaceutical sector.

Prevention is better than cure, always, so if you value the health of those you love, get a copy of the China Study, read about all the misinformation we have, and continue to be fed and make you own mind up about what you wish to consume in the future.

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