Making The Most Of Our Opportunities

Thunder Over The SeaI was really looking forward to getting out on the bike today, the first time in a few days.

So you can imagine my disappointment when the weather caused a rethink.

Thunder, lightening and heavy rain are not the best for a trip out over one of the highest points around here.

Every day we have highs and lows, wins and losses, good things happen, bad things happen, every single day.

Problems are an everyday reality, they are part of life and ignoring them will never make them go away.

So focus on what’s good, what’s going right, enjoy that brief spell of sunshine on an otherwise rainy day. Smile, laugh when you can, and always focus on the positives. Make the most of every minute, you will never have the opportunity to use that minute again, so don’t waste it.

Make causes today, to make tomorrow better and never give in to the inevitable resistance that you feel when you are nearing your goal.

Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, never fear the truth, use the Wisdom , Courage and Compassion, we all possess, to help others to be positive, it will increase your own life-energy as you encourage them to increase theirs.

I waited for the rain to pass, the skies lightened and although the wind still blew as strongly as ever, it dried the ground. So by mid afternoon I was up atop The Purbecks, looking back over Poole and Bournemouth, being blown sideways by a strong easterly gale.

In fact, if anything, the wind helped my progress. Unusually, coming from the east, the wind was at my back for the ride up to the top of the high ground. The rain stayed away and my journey was made all the more enjoyable by the discovery that I had beaten my previous best time by some margin. Poison into medicine if ever I saw it.

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