A Change For The Better

The Lotus SutraListening to reports of the continuing struggle for change and self determination in Egypt, I was mindful of the wisdom encapsulated in the Lotus Sutra. Generally regarded as Siddhārtha Gautama’s greatest teaching, it forms the basic structure for all forms of Buddhist practice.

The Lotus Sutra has the drama of fighting for justice against evil. It has the warmth that comforts the weary. It has a vibrant pulsing courage that drives away fear. It has a chorus of joy at attaining absolute freedom throughout past, present and future. It has the soaring flight of liberty. It has brilliant light, flowers, greenery, music, paintings and vivid stories.

It offers unsurpassed lessons on psychology, the workings of the human heart, lessons on happiness and lessons on peace. It maps out the basic rules for good health. But more than all of these, it awakens us to the universal truth that a change in our heart can transform everything.

I am praying and chanting for peaceful resolutions of the situation in both Egypt and Syria. It is my hope that a little of the wisdom, courage and compassion contained in the Lotus Sutra might find its way into the negotiations in both conflicts.

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