Why Not Syria?

Syria - Homs Under AttackWhat are we waiting for? Assad is busy doing a Gaddafi and killing hundreds of his own people and we are sitting on our backsides and letting it happen.

Why? Are we ‘all warred out’? Are we over budget in the peace keeping department at the United Nations?

Whatever the reasons, it is shameful that the killing of innocent women and children is allowed to continue unopposed. It is shameful that Russia and China are blocking UN plans to intervene. They say they are against an imposed regime change, which might be understandable given their economic ties, but at what cost?

It is way past time, to bring this to a peaceful conclusion. Never mind regime change, what about the normal ‘little’ people of Syria, who is going to stand up and put a stop to this. Or is it yet another example of the common people being expendable when it comes to holding on to money and power?

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