Happy Families

Happy FamiliesWhat a brilliant day! The beautiful drive to Bristol, first thing in the morning, with amazing views made green and pleasant by the recent rains was quick and easy.

The day had a definite football theme to it. Following breakfast we went off to Longwell Green community centre for Jake’s football training. A little kick around with Zach was fun and Jake was proud to have scored three goals in his practice game.

Charlotte has started the second phase of her chemotherapy, and is looking very tired. Her hubby Rob, also looked pretty drawn, but he is a real star in the way he is keeping everything together. It’s really difficult to see your child looking tired and poorly, even knowing that the reason behind it is all for a very good cause. But it was wonderful to meet my new grandson, Oliver, and to see the how his birth has kept her positive and given a reason to dig deep and carry on.

Hannah and Stanley came round and it was fun to watch the way the boys interact together. They seem to understand each other, even though the little two aren’t even two yet. After lunch, Hannah took Zach for the afternoon, and Rob, Jake and I went off to pick up Barry to go the watch Bristol Rovers, so that Charlotte could have a restful afternoon.

It was my first visit to the Memorial ground, and although the result wasn’t what the Rovers fans had hoped for, it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. Following a few slices of pizza and a final kiss and cuddle with Charlotte and the boys, it was time to wend my way back to Poole, the end of a great day of happy families.

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