Seeing Both Sides

London Riots We have all been shocked by the street violence in London and other major cities over the past couple of days. Groups of youths looting and setting fire to shops, cars and houses for the ‘fun’ of it. It’s disgraceful and one has to feel sympathy for the owners and the police who are having to deal with it. But let us, for one minute, see things from the youths point of view.

Many, if not all of them, come from deprived backgrounds, maybe going back several generations, and they realistically have no hope of any improvement. They see these premises as easy targets, owned by rich people or companies, in their eyes, and are using them as the target of their frustration and anger. Whilst not condoning any of their actions, it is all too easy to take the blinkered view and blame it all on mindless individuals.

These people are going through the same recession we all face every day. Many have no work, no money and more importantly, no hope. Who can really blame them for lashing out? I hope sense prevails, that the police take back control of the streets, and that the innocent victims are fully recompensed for their losses. But I also hope that our politicians see the wider picture, and make more of an effort to support the youth of this country. If nothing is done we should not be surprised if incidents like this become commonplace.

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