Peace and Quiet

TranquilitySome days just start slowly, get slower and end at a snails pace.

Apart from a little therapeutic ironing, my day was a fitting finale to my holiday and a quiet prelude to the change of pace that the office will bring tomorrow.

Peace and quiet, being home alone, can be a bit of a double edged sword. It gives you time to think about things, and get them prioritised. It also gives you time to think about things, and wonder whether you have things straight.

I guess we have been trained to expect, and enjoy, the roller-coaster ride that modern living brings. Staying in, being quiet and contemplative and living in a world of Tranquillity at the weekend might be construed by some as a bit ‘sad’. But it happens all too rarely, so I look on it as a little luxury and make the most of it when I can.

It has been said that we should all have a period of thirty minutes of silence every day. Not to catch up on a little sleep, but to allow our brains to process all the input from the day. I fully endorse that theory, I feel better for it, fully refreshed and ready for the onslaught once more.

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